Instead Of A War, How About A Remedy

The lost of Philip Seymour Hoffman got me thinking about the war on drugs. There are countless tales of people losing someone dear to them; whether it be by way of incarceration or death. While there’s never a monolithic solution to any problem, here’s a concept that isn’t really novel but has rarely ever been implemented, ending the war on drugs.

When the term legalization is uttered I’m sure many shutter at the idea of drugs like heroin, cocaine, or crystal meth, being legal for purchase at your local Walmart. But I highly doubt the majority would dabble with substances just because they were deemed legal, and I’m confident Walmart isn’t looking to get involved in the crack game. What can be said is that the billions of dollars wasted each year have produced nothing but more potent and more vicious drugs  that are being peddled by unscrupulous sellers that labor under the mayhem of black markets.

Most drug merchants probably don’t have a Walter White producing their drugs, and by that I’m suggesting the group manufacturing these drugs are probably not as knowledgeable, and in regards to a drug like heroin, potentially cutting with additives – like fentanyl – can create a greater toxic effect. Fentanyl maybe beneficial for cancer patients but certainly not for heroin. A Better Business Bureau for drug dealers isn’t going to be established anytime soon, but having drugs legal would provide greater repercussions for those who decide mix ominous chemicals. Moreover, if drugs are being assembled in a controlled, professional setting with at the very least unadorned regulations, this is going to produce a product that – yes is still harmful – yet the public will become educated on what ingredients are being applied and the affect of various narcotics. Just to clarify, I’m in no way advocating the use of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, etc. The point being is that prohibition and classifying something damaging won’t prevent mistakes, only information can accomplish that.

With all that being said, addiction is still a sizable issue that has to be dealt with whether the substance is illegal or legal. Again, there isn’t a panacea to exterminate all the problems, but yet again, the war on drugs is not a viable cure neither. Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance derived from certain African plants that has been linked to assisting in cures for addictions like heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine to name a few. Researchers assert that Ibogaine is metabolized into another compound called Noribogaine that appears to diminish cravings and desire to use. Not to veer too far off topic, but studies also suggest that other psychedelics such as psilocybin can decrease depression and even reduce recidivism. While ayahuasca has been shown to induce the death of cancer cells and hinder the spread of carcinoma cells.

Drug interdiction is making research expensive and minute, but more crucially, preventing information on substance’s that could be a beneficial tool for healing our afflictions.

Unfortunately, Philip Seymour Hoffman kicked the bucket before he could kick his horrid habit. Unless there was a gun to his head, Hoffman is to blame for choosing to operate on heroin. I’m certain there was peer pressure but one can’t blame Hollywood or society. To be fair, even if drugs were legalized or just decriminalized, Hoffman overdosing is still a harsh possibility. But what we do know is that rehab was only a temporary fix for him, like it is for many other abusers. What we don’t know if there’s other medications that could be utilized in assisting with the prevention of such tragedies.

With the continuation of the war on drugs we may never know, so lets end it. Because I prefer helping those in need instead of memorializing them.

Money Is Ephemeral, Knowledge Is Not

Money Is Ephemeral

Vince Young, Heisman Trophy winner, and captain of one of the greatest college football games of my lifetime, has filed for bankruptcy. Reading this reminded me of the harrowing tale about professional athletes going broke. If we just peer at the four major sports (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA) the average career span is less than five years and It’s evident that a lack of awareness is a large portion of the problem. Whether it be bad investments, or barnacles latching on, an athletes window is too minute to be reckless with their finances.

It’s interesting that some find the need to gather a larger number of attachments, I’ve always assumed that more accessories equals more upkeep and in turn creates greater stress. A friend of mine told me the story of the thief and the monk; I believe there are a couple different versions but this was the one he used.

A thief breaks into a monks home and demands gold coins. The monk replies with an apology and promises if the thief returns at a later date, he would gladly surrender gold coins. The thief returns sometime later and the monk abides, giving the burglar the gold coins he promised. The thief is captured by temple guards and is returned to the monk. The monk insist he has given the thief the gold coins because the thief needs them more than he does. In other words, the thief relies on others, he is attach to them, while the monk has very little attachments and carries less stress.


A Brief Thought On Philosophy


I had an acquaintance of mine recently ask me, “You like philosophy, don’t you?” I responded, “Casually at best, I don’t really read into it.” Which that might seem a bit odd since as of late I’ve quoting philosophers or at least presenting quotes as philosophy-esque. My issue with philosophy has always been that their words are not my original thoughts. Me using their words is more about inspiration and I will admit maybe some form of confirmation bias – something else I attempt to keep to a minimal.

If one was to view pornography all day, specifically studying the act of cunnilingus, that does not make you a maven in that field. There is knowledge to be accrued for sure, and prepping yourself is enlarging ones confidence, but prowess is only achieved by acting instead of viewing. I’ve noticed the more I delve into philosophy my opinions suffer a phony vibe and I have less ardor about them. I find it difficult to mold my words and in an ironic bend, my inspiration abates. In other words, it’s a dampen clusterfuck.

Occasionally I browse a website I used to contribute to, and I say used to because the lack of activity on my part; I’m sure I would be welcome to participate again. But I must declare the quality of the content has most certainly decreased. Some contributors use empty platitudes and then they’ll heave up somebody else’s thoughts and believe that will convince their audience. That tactic might work on the zombies, but not on the undead. I find it easy to discern this, not just because they typically link to another persons article, but their argument becomes incoherent after they finish quoting some bottom-feeding charlatan.

As a non-philosopher I will employ my own aphorism as a coda.

“Always listen, but don’t always abide. There are wise words, and then there is bullshit.”

Feel free to heavy up this thought… just this one time.

Hello Penelope – California Sinking

One would assume that California living is easy. With our palm trees, good weed, ravishing beaches, and charming mountain tops; Mother Nature was more than kind when creating the Golden State. Yet for all the natural beauty we possess, humans typically dampen the pleasures with high taxes, dense smog, wildfires, potholes, and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

It wouldn’t be fair to blame all humans for our plights. Every once in awhile, bipedal primates can bring joy and entertainment to our inane existence, and this is where the music of Hello Penelope enters the fray. The bands new effort, California Sinking, may not be the best thing since pants with pockets, but more like a button down oxford with a front pocket. Not required, but one is sure ecstatic to have a pouch for their cigarettes.

The albums opening track, Restless, commences with a sample from Javier Bardem’s character in No Country For Old Men: “What’s the most you ever lost in a coin toss?”

A fitting metaphor for any artist.

Art is certainly deeper than winning and losing, and the record does delve further in depth with tales of feeling out of place, assembling the best with what you got, and creating a virtue out of debauchery. Hello Penelope’s music might resonate positive vibes, but their lyrics provide undertones of sneering realities.

Tracks like Bad Movies and Talk Slow stick out like a set of cold nipples, and seem to embody small town living. Plus, Talk Slow provides the best lyric from the album:

“I know my government is watching where I go.”

A line that would produce a smile and accordance from my favorite anarchist, Lysander Spooner.

Although the album is only six songs deep, it caters to those who want to entertain company but also to the ones who yearn to entertain themselves. Ideal for a night with some friends and craft beer, yet also splendid with a bottle of wine and some inner dialogue. I suggest enjoying both.

The hope is that Hello Penelope releases new tunes sooner rather than later. Before California sinks, anyway.

(If you are intrigued, take a listen. If you dig, and you should, cop it.)

Will Brittney Griner Become a Botched NBA Experiment?

Will Brittney Griner Become a Botched NBA Experiment?

Let Griner compete… but only in the WNBA.

Porn Star Harry Reems Dies At 65

Porn Star Harry Reems Dies At 65

There Was Much More to Him Than “Deep Throat”

Roman Polanski is a Rapist, In Case You Forgot

Roman Polanski is a Rapist, In Case You Forgot

The new documentary Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out, details the attempted extradition of the felonious director. And I’m not too thrilled about it.


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